Ballistic Helmets

Shadow Armor Systems Ballistic Helmet Systems

At Shadow Armor Systems, your safety is our priority. That's why we offer a comprehensive line of ballistic helmet systems designed to provide superior protection, comfort, and functionality in high-risk environments.

Unparalleled Ballistic Protection:

  • NIJ Compliance: Our ballistic helmets meet or exceed NIJ standards, ensuring they effectively stop or deflect ballistic threats like handgun rounds, rifle rounds (up to specified calibers), and shrapnel.
  • High-Cut Design: This design allows for seamless integration with night vision goggles, communication devices, gas masks, and other essential equipment.
  • Advanced Ballistic Shells: Made from lightweight, high-strength materials like Kevlar® to offer ballistic protection without sacrificing mobility.

Enhanced Comfort and Functionality:

  • Ergonomic Design: Our helmets are sculpted for a comfortable fit, reducing pressure points and fatigue during extended wear.
  • Impact Absorption Liners: These liners provide crucial cushioning against blunt force trauma from falls, impacts, and close-quarter encounters.
  • Adjustable Retention Systems: Dial-in a secure and comfortable fit for various head sizes and shapes, ensuring the helmet stays stable during movement.
  • Integrated Rail Systems (on some models): Attach lights, cameras, or other mission-critical accessories to customize your helmet for specific needs.

Shadow Armor Systems Ballistic Helmet Benefits:

  • Unmatched Ballistic Protection: Stop or deflect ballistic threats and safeguard against blunt force trauma.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness: High-cut design facilitates the use of communication and vision equipment.
  • Superior Comfort: Lightweight construction and adjustable fit systems reduce fatigue during extended wear.
  • Increased Mobility: Streamlined design allows for a wider range of movement without restriction.
  • Adaptability: Compatible with various accessories to customize your helmet for specific needs.

Who Needs a Ballistic Helmet?

Shadow Armor Systems ballistic helmets are ideal for various professionals and civilians operating in high-risk environments, including:

  • Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs)
  • Military Personnel
  • Security Contractors
  • First Responders
  • Civilians Seeking Head Protection in High-Threat Scenarios

Choosing the Right Shadow Armor Systems Ballistic Helmet:

We offer a variety of ballistic helmets to cater to diverse needs. Consider these factors when making your selection:

  • NIJ Ballistic Rating: IIIA
  • Weight and Comfort: Prioritize a balance between protection and user comfort for extended wear.
  • Customization Options: Select a helmet with features that accommodate your mission-critical accessories.

Invest in Your Safety

Explore our Shadow Armor Systems ballistic helmet options today! We offer a variety of high-performance helmets designed to keep you safe and protected. Contact us if you have any questions. Our team is dedicated to helping you find the helmet that best suits your specific needs and risk profile.


The OP Ballistic Helmet system is made out of PE + Kevlar and Carbon while the Defender Ballistic Helmet is made out of Kevlar and Carbon, they do offer the same protection while being at different weights the OP Ballistic Helmet System is our Lightweight helmet

We suggest enhancing your helmet with additional ventilation and improved impact resistance for better protection of your head with the Panton vented liner.

A ballistic helmet is a type of protective headgear designed to withstand impacts from projectiles, such as bullets or fragmentation.

The purpose of a ballistic helmet is to provide protection to the wearer's head from gunfire, fragments from exploding devices, or other threats.

There are several types of ballistic helmets, including ACH, ECH, MICH, and FAST helmets. The choice of helmet type depends on a number of factors such as the intended use and level of protection required.

The most common types of Ballistic helmets are made of a woven aramid material such as Kevlar™ or Twaron™, or of a composite woven aramid + polyethylene blend. The choice of material depends on the level of protection required, the intended use of the helmet, and weight requirements.

Other materials used in ballistic helmets include:

Carbon Fiber

Yes, a ballistic helmet can be used with other protective gear, such as body armor, eye protection, and ear protection, to provide a comprehensive level of security.