Defender NIJ Level IV Multi curve Ballistic Plate (Pair)

Guaranteed against manufacturer defects 5 years from the date of purchase.
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Shadow Armor Systems Defender Level IV Ceramic Compound Multi Curve Body Armor -  Set of Two Plates

Defeats the following rounds:
5.56 x 45 mm – M193 (Multiple Hits)
7.62 x 39 mm - M67 (Multiple Hits)
7.62 x 51 mm – M80 -NIJ Level 3 Certification Round
7.62 x 63 mm – JSP - Mild Steel Core (Multiple Hits)
5.56 x 45 mm - M855 - Green Tip (Multiple Hits)
7.62 x 39 mm – M43 - Mild Steel Core (Multiple Hits)
7.62 x 54R – LPS - Mild Steel Core (Multiple Hits)
7.62 x 39 mm - Armor Piercing (API)
7.62 x 54R B-32 - Armor Piercing (API)
7.62 x 51 mm – M61 - Armor Piercing (API)
7.62 x 63 mm – AP M2 - NIJ Level 4 Certification Round
5.56 x 45 mm - M855A1 - Enhanced Performance
7.62 x 51mm – M80A1 - Enhanced Performance

The Defender NIJ Level IV Ballistic Plates, the ultimate choice for top-notch protection in high-risk situations. These ceramic plates are designed to provide full edge-to-edge protection of 10”x12” and are ideal for military personnel, law enforcement, and anyone who requires top-of-the-line protection.

Each plate weighs only 2.65KG, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The plates are manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring maximum durability and effectiveness.

Our Defender Ballistic Plates come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, so you can have complete confidence in your purchase.

We take our commitment to your protection seriously, which is why we offer a lifetime incident warranty on all our Defender Plates. In the unlikely event that our plates save your life, we will replace them free of charge.

Our Defender NIJ Level IV Ballistic Plates are rigorously tested to meet or exceed the highest industry standards, including the NIJ 0101.06 Rating ballistic certification. With the highest level of protection and the utmost attention to detail, you can trust that our Defender series Ballistic Plates will provide the protection you need when it matters most.

Best Armor Choice For:
• Military Special Operations
• Extremely high level of Protection
• Extremely light weight
• Enhanced Performance Round protection

Invest in your safety with the Defender Ballistic Plates and experience the peace of mind that comes with superior protection.

NIJ Standard:
- Meets NIJ Level IV Standards
Plate Size::
- 10"x12" ESAPI
Threat Protection::
Armor Piercing Rifle Rated Up To .30-06 M2 AP.
Multi Hit Rating::
Rated to Stop 3-4 Rounds of .30-06 M2AP
2.65kg per plate
Material Composition::
Ceramic &UHMWPE
ESAPI Medium (Shooters Cut)
Plate Quantity::
Two (2) Plates Included