The Warrior Plate Carrier

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The Warrior plate carrier is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL plate carrier that will fit all body types, shapes and sizes.

The Warrior plate carrier has “one size fits all” plate bags. They will fit any ballistic plates that are sizes S, M or L

If you have a further question about sizing-email us at

The Fast Replace cummerbund has alot of adjusment space and a strech material at the back making it fit all body sizes and shapes

In the crucible of real-world operations and forged through a synthesis of elite Serbian forces' experiences, the Warrior Plate Carrier is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a paradigm shift in modern warrior adaptability and functionality.

Crafted with an unwavering commitment to excellence, the Warrior Plate Carrier is precision-engineered from 1000D CORDURA® Mil Spec Tactical Nylon, ensuring durability and reliability under the harshest conditions. This isn't just a plate carrier, it's a mission-ready solution born from meticulous research and development.

Tailor your gear precisely to your mission with the Warrior's unparalleled adjustability. Customize the cummerbund and armor plates to achieve the perfect fit for covert operations, providing the snugness required for peak performance, or a looser configuration for enhanced ventilation and mobility in dynamic scenarios.

Operational exigencies demand rapid response capabilities. The Warrior Plate Carrier's quick-release system, fortified by Mil Spec polymer buckles and hardware, provides a secure means to disengage swiftly in emergencies. Facing fire, medical crises, or water hazards, this system ensures a response time that aligns with the urgency of the situation. Coupled with the proprietary Fast Replace™ Cummerbund, easily switch between attachment methods such as buckles or hook and loop, enhancing adaptability while minimizing operator fatigue.

The Warrior Plate Carrier seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of placards attachable via velcro-backed placards instantly, or use the mil spec, bartacked molle underneath to attach regular molle pouches, empowering operators to create a tailored loadout based on mission specifics and personal preference. Replace quick-detach buckles with minimalist slide buckles (included) to enhance profile options for improved rifle handling.

Designed for seamless integration with hard steel or ceramic armor plates, the Warrior Plate Carrier eliminates the need for additional plate backers. The back of the plate bags features a triple layer of fusion foam for unparalleled comfort during extended operations. It accommodates any size S, M, or L SAPI/ESAPI plates up to 1.5” thick and all 10"X12" plates.

Effortlessly integrate the SSTB assault pack with the Warrior Plate Carrier using the hook and loop chest panel. This feature allows for the swift attachment of additional gear and supplies without the hassle of threading molle or dealing with straps, enhancing operational efficiency in dynamic environments.

The Warrior Plate Carrier isn't just a product; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication. Born from extensive research and experience in some of the world's most hostile environments, it guarantees optimal protection, comfort, and functionality. Weighing a mere 1kg, it exemplifies our commitment to providing elite forces with the tools they need to succeed. The Warrior Plate Carrier: Where excellence meets mission success.

Armor Type::
Compatible with hard steel or ceramic armor plates, no additional plate backers required.
Features a quick-release system for rapid removal in emergency situations.
Offers extensive adjustability to tailor fit to different body types and scenarios.
Cummerbund System::
Equipped with the Fast-Replace™ Cummerbund system for quick customization.
Plates Included::
Armor plates are not included with the product.
Triple-Layer Cushion::
Triple-layer fusion foam cushion on the plate bags ensures optimal comfort and protection.